Where Daffodils Bloom

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In a tiny town on the coast of Lancashire, Lily Brown is trying to hold her world together.

With England in the throes of World War II, her alcoholic father a prisoner overseas, and her mother struggling to make ends meet, Lily is convinced marrying her wealthy suitor is the best way to take care of her family.

Until a blue-eyed American soldier turns her life upside-down.

Based on a true story, this beautifully researched biographical novel follows Lily’s journey as she finds herself torn between the country she loves and the man who has stolen her heart. Haunted by dark memories, afraid of putting aside her own plans, and faced with a future nothing like what she expected, will she find the courage and faith to forge a new life in America?

Or will she let her fears—and the past she can’t let go of—destroy her chance for happiness with the man who adores her?

Leya Delray has captured my parents’ personalities as if she knew them her entire life. Using family stories and historical research, she has created a novel that is completely captivating.

Sharon Crenshaw

I felt transported back in time. An incredible and factual piece of writing.

—Kathy Matthews

It’s one thing to present an entertaining version of a true story, but to truly capture the reality of someone’s life while presenting a pleasing tale to readers is impressive.

—Valicity Garris, The “Rebel Christian” Newsletter

I rarely see someone teach faith and trust (in God, in your husband, etc.) in such a clear, decisive manner -but without being too preachy. Gripping, emotional, amusing, and a fantastic look into a real-life story. I was up until 4 AM with this book!

—Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews

I grew up with these stories and  know them by heart. Yet from the moment I read the first chapter, I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough! A stunning job indeed.

—Susan Sproles

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