Hi there! I’m Leya Delray.

If I had to describe myself in one sentence, I’d say I’m a nerdy blond who studies random topics for fun, is passionate about following Jesus, loves history, books, reenacting, theater, loose-leaf tea and dancing, and can never get enough sunshine.

Now for the more-than-one-sentence version:

Picture of Leya Delray

I’m a writer. Which means I have a habit of getting into conversations with imaginary people, mentally narrating my life experiences as they happen, and listening to inspiring music while I stare out windows and think up alternate realities.

(Oh yes, and I also occasionally write things down.)

I’m also a costume designer, and love creating unique costumes for theater productions, costume parties, re-enacting, and any other excuses I can come up with. Especially costumes that have historical or fairy-tale/fantasy vibes.

I live in an adorable historic log cabin in the Northeast Georgia foothills, with my husband, a beautiful view of the mountains, and an antique typewriter which does NOT in fact work, but still looks great in photos. (lol). Unlike most authors, who seem to survive mainly on caffeine, I actually hate coffee and insist on getting a normal amount of sleep most nights. I’m also a bit of a foodie and love to experiment with healthy, gourmet meals (Ok, and sometimes not-so-healthy ones).

I have trouble standing still when music is playing, and enjoy all sorts of different dancing styles, but mostly English Country, Swing, and Contra. Historical re-enacting is one of my favorite things ever, which is where I first started learning to make historical costumes. (Yes I DO call them costumes. The rest of you reenactors who hate that word can just simmer down. It’s not that big of a deal. Sheesh.) Revolutionary War and WW2 are my specialties. I may in fact own more costumes than I do modern clothing.

Whether you came here because you are interested in me as an author, loved my costume designs, or just clicked on a random blog post, I’m so glad you stopped by!