Is it Biblical to say God “Hated” Baby Esau?

Does the bible really say God hated an unborn baby before he’d done anything good or bad? What does this verse mean in context? Join me as I dig into the old testament background of this very controversial passage. You might be surprised by the huge OT story Paul was summarizing in this one verse, and the point he was trying to make to his readers…

How to Get More ‘White Space’ in Your Life (and why it matters)

Do you feel like your life is moving at 90-miles-an-hour all the time and you can never keep up? Is the lack of margin stealing your peace, joy, and creativity? I feel you. And that’s why I wrote this post.

Is it Biblical to… “Forgive Yourself”?

What does it mean to “forgive yourself”? Is it something Christians should do? Do humans even have the power to “forgive themselves” in the first place? I tackle all of those questions and more in this post!

Advent: A Jesus Who Breaks My Paradigms

Do you ever forget how radical Jesus is? I do. Sometimes I forget what it really means that He came to bring an amazing, right-side-up kingdom into a broken, upside-down world. But yesterday, in Luke 6, I had an encounter with the radical Jesus. And he broke my paradigms…

(Part 2) Is it Biblical to Call Deborah Plan B?

It’s time to examine the final argument for Deborah being “Plan B.”

Does the fact that she’s an “exception the rule” mean Deborah can’t be used as an example of biblical womanhood? What kind of “rule” are we talking about? And furthermore…was Deborah really an exception in the first place?

Join me as I dig into the scriptures to find out!

(Part 1) Is it Biblical to Call Deborah Plan B?

Deborah is a fascinating and polarizing woman in the Old Testament scriptures. How we interpret her story strongly effects what we understand about scripture, leadership, and biblical womanhood.

Is she an example to follow? Or an exception made for special circumstances? Join me in this blog post as I dig into the scriptures on a quest to find out!

Can a Mass Murderer Be Redeemed?

Is redemption possible for a fictional character who commits truly heinous crimes? The recent controversy over the Vivian Awards shows many people believe they can’t. But the real question is…What kind of redemption are we talking about?

Modest is NOT Hottest (and why that matters)

Mathew West didn’t invent the phrase “Modest is Hottest.” It’s been around for a while. And I have to say, as Christian, I think it’s one of the dumbest and most useless “Christian” phrases I’ve ever heard. Here’s why…

Is it Biblical to Spank Your Kids?

For many Christian parents, their view of corporal punishment centers around the “rod verses” in Proverbs. How should we interpret these verses? Are they literal or figurative? Do they contradict modern science? I address all of those questions and more in this in-depth post…