‘Mother’ is NOT Spelled M-a-r-t-y-r

Have you ever wondered why so much of what we hear about motherhood these days makes it sound more like a living martyrdom than a joyful occupation? Was it designed to be this way? Has it always been this way? Does it HAVE to be this way? That’s what I found myself wondering a few weeks ago on Mother’s Day. And in this post I begin to explore the answers to those questions…

The Two Best Decluttering Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Do you want to declutter but sometimes find it complicated? Do you enjoy the idea of minimalism but find it mentally exhausting to try and figure out which items “spark joy”…or which things you have or haven’t used recently? In this post, I address all those issues and share the two simplest and most effective decluttering hacks I’ve come across. Seriously. They are the BOMB.

How to Get More ‘White Space’ in Your Life (and why it matters)

Do you feel like your life is moving at 90-miles-an-hour all the time and you can never keep up? Is the lack of margin stealing your peace, joy, and creativity? I feel you. And that’s why I wrote this post.

Can a Mass Murderer Be Redeemed?

Is redemption possible for a fictional character who commits truly heinous crimes? The recent controversy over the Vivian Awards shows many people believe they can’t. But the real question is…What kind of redemption are we talking about?

My Top Author Buys in 2020 (#3)

Welcome to the third and final post in my Best Author Buys of 2020 series! This week I’m introducing you to the only physical item on this list, and and one of the most fantastic gadgets I have ever encountered. Not just for authors either…

My Top Author Buys in 2020 (#2)

Welcome to #2 in my Top Author Buys series! This week I’m talking about the only item on the list that is pretty much exclusively for authors. I bought it to help me up my game in advertising my book, and it was fairly expensive. But OH BOY was it worth it…