A gripping and emotional novel based on the TRUE STORY of a WWII War Bride.

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From the book:

“…The ship pitched again, and Lily half-fell onto the bunk as she pulled David’s little body into her arms, stroking his hair. He wanted an answer, but her tongue felt as dry and useless as the last leaf of autumn, shriveled up on a bare, cold branch. How was she supposed to explain to him something she could barely explain to herself?

Because your mother is a coward, David. Because she is running away.

Little arms circled her neck, pressing against her hair. “When can we go home, Mum?” His voice was a mournful whimper.

Her chest constricted. She clutched him tighter, his baby-soft cheek nestled against hers. And she no longer knew whether the tears moistening her face belonged to David or to herself.

But there were no words to answer him. No words to make him understand…”


Meet the Author:

Leya Delray is the author of the bestselling biographical novel Where Daffodils Bloom.

As a historical reenactor for almost 20 years, she has spent countless hours bringing history to life. With a passion for research and the heart of a storyteller, she loves giving her readers the chance to experience not only a rousing story, but the feeling that they have truly stepped into another era.

Delray lives with her husband in a cabin originally built in the 1840’s, where she has a beautiful view of the Appalachian foothills, and a yard full of daffodils in the spring.

She gets excited about history wherever she finds it, whether it’s old houses, antique furniture, vintage typewriters, or cottage flower gardens. But she is especially fascinated by the lives of hardworking, ordinary people whose stories never made it into the history books.

Where Daffodils Bloomis her debut novel, and won honorable mention in the 28th Annual Writers Digest Self Publishing Awards. Based on the true story of a WWII war bride, the book weaves together real characters, exquisite storytelling, and rich historical details into an unforgettable tale of faith, forgiveness, and the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

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