My Top Author Buys in 2020 (#2)

Welcome to #2 in my Top Author Buys series! This week I’m talking about the only item on the list that is pretty much exclusively for authors. I bought it to help me up my game in advertising my book, and it was fairly expensive. But OH BOY was it worth it…

My Top Author Buys in 2020 (#1)

This is #1 of my top author buys from 2020. And it’s not just for authors either! Anybody who owns a website and uses Facebook should know about this service…

Declutter Your Command Center (The Cure for Chronic Writer’s Block)

I’m guest posting today over at Kellyn Roth’s blog, sharing some tips on overcoming chronic writer’s block (and also quietly hinting that I might be starting another book)…

History in Full Color

I’m so excited to share a few restored and colorized photos of the characters from “Where Daffodils Bloom.” Especially this beautiful portrait of Lily that was not discovered until after the book was published. So cool to see history in full color!

Costume Design: Madame de le Grande Bouche

Madame de le Grande Bouche (the wardrobe lady), was definitely the “biggest” costume I did for Beauty and the Beast! It’s amazing what can by done with old curtains, a refrigerator box, and a lot of imagination!