A Note to the Mice

Well folks. Here’s another lighthearted poem I just wrote. I don’t consider most of my poems high art, by any means. They are just a fun way of dealing with life’s twists and turns. Enjoy!

A Note to the Mice

This isn’t personal at all, you understand
There’s room for all God’s creatures somewhere on my land

And truth be told, I think you’re really rather cute
Big eyes and ears, and tiny nose and paws to boot

There’s lots of space out in the barn; please be my guest
Or choose the shed and crawlspace too; you won’t be pests

Most every day I toss out scraps just down the hill
And there’s the compost pile too. Please eat your fill

Now if you’d only be content with all of that
I’d wish you well, and shoo away the neighbor’s cat

And even if you came inside once in a while
To pick up crumbs I missed while sweeping up a pile

I’d not object, if you would only leave no clue
No small brown pellets pointing clearly back to you

And also stay down off my counters while you’re here
We’d coexist; I think I’ve made myself quite clear

Just leave no piles, and always stay down on the floor
But since you don’t, my mousy friends…

There will be War

*Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “A Note to the Mice

  1. Mikaela Vaughn says:

    That’s hilarious :). I love it! And I totally agree. I cannot believe how many going away presents one mouse can leave overnight!

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