A Bit of Poetry

Every now and then, something happens to brings out the amateur poet in me. I don’t usually share those snippets with my readers. But this time I decided to, just for fun.

On the day I wrote this poem, I was sitting out in the yard enjoying the wonderful spring weather, with warm sunlight on my face and a cool breeze rustling up the valley. Looking around, it occurred to me that we were going to need to start mowing the grass soon. And then I noticed how many of the things growing around me were actually not grass at all (our yard is more of a half-tamed meadow, really). Not only were they not grass, but many of them seemed far to pretty (or useful) to go chopping them down at all…


My darling, will you mow the lawn?
The spring is here at last
And everything is green again.
Especially the grass

My darling, will you mow the lawn?
But mind the ivy please
I love the way it drapes the stones
In dainty, pointed leaves

My darling, will you mow the lawn?
Just be selective, dear
The daffodils are blooming still
I wait for them all year

My darling, will you mow the lawn?
It really is a sight
But not the violets! Aren’t they sweet?
All purple, green and white

And leave the dandelions too
They’re not “just weeds” to me
They look so cheerful scattered round
Like drops of sunshine, see?

That’s chickweed growing by the steps
Take care you don’t cut that
It’s edible you know, and full
Of vitamins at that

Oh please avoid the the clover too
I feed it to the horse
Wild onions I can always use
To flavor soups of course

The plantain makes a soothing salve
For stings and burns and such
That’s honeysuckle by the fence
I love its scent so much

Spare morning glories, Queen Anne’s lace
And leave the daisies room
Forget-me-nots and crocuses
Well…anything that blooms!


My dearest, sweetest, darling wife
This mower, I’m afraid
Cannot discriminate between
The stems that meet its blade

But fear not, love. For I am still
Your knight on snowy steed
I’ll take some scissors to the grass

Before it chokes your weeds

Hope you enjoyed my little burst of poetic humor. Do you ever delay cutting the lawn because random weeds are blooming in it, or because you like to nibble on wild edibles? Or am I the only one? Let me know in the comments!

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