Declutter Your Command Center (The Cure for Chronic Writer’s Block)

Hello everybody! I’m guest posting today over at Kellyn Roth’s blog, sharing some tips on overcoming chronic writer’s block (and also quietly hinting that I might be starting another book. Ahem.)

Kellyn was on the Launch Team for Where Daffodils Bloom , and was a huge help in getting the word out to new readers. She also wrote a fantastic review for the book, which still makes me happy every time I read it. (Thanks Kellyn!) Oh, and did I mention she is a talented author of historical fiction/romance herself? If you enjoyed Where Daffodils Bloom, you should definitely check out her books too.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

“…After almost a year and a half, I knew I couldn’t blame it on being tired from my first book. I was suffering from a serious case of Chronic Writer’s Block, and I had no idea how to fix it. Then came COVID-19. And I had my epiphany….”

Read the full post on Kellyn’s blog

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