Release Date and Title Announcement!!!


After over three years of work, Fred and Lily’s story is finally almost ready to be released! Are you as excited as I am? Do you want to be part of making sure the whole world reads this book? Then keep reading after the title announcement for a very special opportunity below.

As some of you may already know, the title and cover which I originally used last year have both been changed. I’m currently in the middle of having a professional cover designed (can’t wait to show you all as soon as it’s finished!)

The title, however, has been an interesting journey. I had originally decided to call the book “All My Love Forever and Ever”, based on the phrase Freddie always used when he wrote cards to Lily. However, there turned out to be two problems with that. For one thing, it’s quite long (not in itself a clincher, but does make marketing more difficult). More importantly though, there is already another WW2 era book with almost the identical title. And that is a HUGE problem when it comes to marketing.

So I wrestled and wrestled with the story, trying to come up with another title that would solve those problems. And it wasn’t until last month that I finally came up with something that was short, meaningful, and unique enough to make me happy. What did I come up with?


And as you see, I also now have a RELEASE DATE!!! October 5th! I will be having a book signing that day at the Currahee Military Museum in Toccoa, GA, during their annual WW2 event: Currahee Miliatary Weekend. (More info on that coming soon.)

Now, I know a lot of you are wondering why “Where Daffodils Bloom” is a meaningful title. And what daffodils have to do with anything anyway. Well, all I can tell you is….

They have a LOT to do with a LOT of things in the story, and once you read it, you’ll understand. *secretive chuckle*

So… are you excited about it? Would you like to get your hands on an early copy, before the release date, and be part of a special team working to promote the book and make it a smashing success? Then check out this page about how you can join my Book Launch Team! You’ll get to participate in the back stage process of a book launch, read and review an early edition of the book, brainstorm promotion ideas, and earn an exclusive coupon code for the hardback! In exchange, you’ll help make sure the whole world hears about this story. Are you up for that? I’d love you have you on the team!

And if you aren’t ready to commit to being part of the launch team, but still want a special discount on the book when it comes out, then be sure to join my mailing list. You’ll be the first to know when the book is available, and get a special discount only for subscribers! (And if you’ve missed any of the Sneak Peeks, you can find them all here.)

Hold onto your hats everyone. The release date will be here before you know it! Meanwhile, I hope you all enjoy speculating about those daffodils…


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6 thoughts on “Release Date and Title Announcement!!!

  1. Karen Thornhill Owen says:

    I would love to do what I can to help launch this book. I was looking into being able to get to Taccoa but with work, I am unable. However if you ever get within a few hours drive from us, I want Mom to be able to go. She is so excited about the book. She loved her brother. I have been reading the excerpt to her and she almost is in tears when she talks about him. She said, he always came home and wanted to know where his “Little Carol” was. Then, he would take her around the yard to look at flowers. Thank you for writing the story of an amazing, beautiful couple. Nobody else like them. I can still see the twinkle in Uncle Freddie’s eye when he tease her, and that unique laugh of Aunt Lilly’s. You had to laugh with them. ❤️

    • Leya Delray says:

      Thanks so much for your encouragement, Karen! And for your help with launching the book! It’s such an honor for me to get to tell a story that means so much to so many people. I can’t wait to hear what your mom thinks of the book!!!

  2. Regina Golden says:

    I loved this book….kept me up one night .couldn’t stop reading….had a migraine the next morning for lack of discipline to put the book down!! Thoroughly enjoyed it….sent a copy to family on the west coast…..thank you for a such an enjoyable story.

    • Leya Delray says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Regina!

      As a general rule, authors love hearing they kept people up all night…but I’m sorry about the migraine! Glad you still loved the book despite the headache. 😉

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