New Years Resolutions: Better Late Than Never

I am well aware of the fact that you are supposed to make New Years resolutions on New Years. That’s, well…kind of the point.

And by rights, this post should have gone up last Saturday.

But you see, last Saturday I’d already decided to post the second chapter of Fred and Lily’s story. And besides which, I never actually got around to making my New Years resolutions on the day they are named for. I was busy sleeping in because I stayed up late the night before (like you’re supposed to do on New Years Eve). Once I got finished doing that, we ended up eating fondue, which is surprisingly time-consuming.  Also, we watched a movie that was over three hours long. (The Fellowship of the Ring, extended edition)

All somewhat lame excuses, I know, but they’re the best I’ve got. I just didn’t manage somehow to make any actual resolutions on New Years.

However, I still want to make them.

For one thing, I want to exercise more. I went hiking last week, and was then unpleasantly sore the next day. It was NOT that long of a hike. So I was heartily disgusted that I should actually be that sore from the experience. That finalized an already growing desire to get into some kind of home exercise habit. I’m thinking of doing Body By You which is the specifically women-geared version of Mark Lauren’s You Are Your Own Gym. Looks effective and not too time-consuming, as well as NOT requiring a bunch of expensive equipment. Plus, a friend recommended it. What’s not to like?

Secondly, I want to get more balanced in my writing schedule. I feel like I’m on a treadmill right now, and can barely keep up, what with blogging, Facebook posting, and book-writing, plus my own personal journal and letters. (And yes, I’m so old-fashioned that I still write letters on paper and journal in an actual leather-bound book, believe it or not.) So I’m going to try to re-evaluate it all those things and figure out if I can schedule well enough to actually get it all finished, or if I need to back something down a bit. We’ll see how that goes.

And finally, the most important resolution of all, which I make some version of every year:

I want to gain a closer walk with the Lord of all creation, read the Word more, pray more, love more, and be more like Christ.


But really, that’s not so much just a resolution, it’s a prayer.

Happy Belated New Years, everyone.

My your lives be blessed by knowing the love and grace of God as you walk in His ways.

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