Veterens, Victory Rolls, and Living History
My WW2 research took me back to Linden this year. (Research is such a good excuse!)

They were looking for a spy. The SS officer, clad in ominous black from head to toe, paced back and forth¬†in front of us, tapping his spotless boots with a riding crop. We stood bunched in a nervous group near the street, having been rounded up from our various activities by the soldiers and herded …….Read More

Four Letters and an Atomic Bomb:
Why I finally broke down and took a personality test.

Confession: I hate personality tests. And so I have never taken one. Until now. Some of you will have seen my Facebook post last month in which I mentioned I’d taken a personality test (a free version based on the Myers-Briggs system) despite years of prejudice against them. I promised a blog post explaining what …….Read More

Do You Know How to Fly This Thing?
Why "Just write that book" could be as crazy as "Just fly that plane." (And what that means for Fred and Lily's Story.)

“Put down that book and learn something!” When I was a kid that sentence could easily have been addressed to me many, many times. I loved reading. Loved it with a consuming passion that the rest of the world generally reserves for other human beings, (but fellow bookworms will totally understand). Before I even reached …….Read More

Research and Red Lipstick

“Fr√§ulein.” At first I only half-heard the German soldier. I was busy talking to a few of my friends as we stood on the street-corner near the bombed-out caf√©, our hair rolled up stylishly and our lips all sporting various shades of bright red lipstick. “Fr√§ulein!” The tone became more imperious. I glanced toward the …….Read More