Hello there! I’m Leya Delray.

I love books, history, art, costume design, theater, dancing, and sunshine.

I’m a writer (among other things), which means I have a habit of getting into conversations with imaginary people, acting out fight scenes in the living room, and listening to inspiring music while I stare out windows and think up alternate realities. (Oh yes, and sometimes I even write things down.)

I live in the Northeast Georgia foothills, where the Mountain Laurels paint the woods in pastels every spring, and the lake shimmers into sun-kissed ripples when a breeze blows past. (Which is probably why I spend so much time staring out windows.)

My greatest goal in life is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and honor Him with everything I do, whether I am writing, reading, dancing, or dreaming.

I decided to call this blog Panoramic Prose because  “panoramic” means, according to google:

“…with a wide view surrounding the observer; sweeping.” OR “Including all aspects of a subject; wide-ranging.”

That pretty wells sums it up. My writing definitely fits the “wide-ranging” category. I like lots of different subjects and styles, from historical fiction, to fantasy, to mysteries and some occasional sci-fi/futuristic stuff. So Panoramic Prose seemed like a pretty good way to describe what I do here, blogging about words, stories, history, art, and life in general.

Now if you’ll excuse me a minute, I think I need to go put my toes in the lake…