Book Cover Reveal!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen. My upcoming book, Where Daffodils Bloom, finally HAS A COVER!!! Whoohoo! Drum-roll please… I commissioned a professional cover design company, called Damonza, to create it for me. They took the information I gave them (synopsis, important symbolism, character descriptions, etc) and created two different cover concepts for me to choose between. …….Read More

Release Date and Title Announcement!!!
(And how YOU can get a FREE early copy of the book!)

It’s ALMOST HERE!!!!! After over three years of work, Fred and Lily’s story is finally almost ready to be released! Are you as excited as I am? Do you want to be part of making sure the whole world reads this book? Then keep reading after the title announcement for a very special opportunity below. …….Read More

Whatever Happened to Words? – Why “Symbol Swapping” is freaking me out.

I was texting when it happened. My headphone case had gone missing, and I was asking a couple of people if they’d seen it. Now, normally I love the little word-replacement feature at the bottom of the phone screen. It’s very handy, since typos are easy to make using just two thumbs on a miniature …….Read More