Release Date and Title Announcement!!!
(And how YOU can get a FREE early copy of the book!)

It’s ALMOST HERE!!!!! After over three years of work, Fred and Lily’s story is finally almost ready to be released! Are you as excited as I am? Do you want to be part of making sure the whole world reads this book? Then keep reading after the title announcement for a very special opportunity below. …….Read More

Whatever Happened to Words? – Why “Symbol Swapping” is freaking me out.

I was texting when it happened. My headphone case had gone missing, and I was asking a couple of people if they’d seen it. Now, normally I love the little word-replacement feature at the bottom of the phone screen. It’s very handy, since typos are easy to make using just two thumbs on a miniature …….Read More

Project Update – The End of the Beginning

The End. In the overflowing silence that lingered beyond the last notes of music, I felt the magnitude of those two words bubbling up inside of me. They filled my senses. Overwhelming. Breathtaking. Like the feeling you get when you stumble upon some secret place of wonder. Not a bustling tourist trap full of noise …….Read More

I’ve Been Shorted!
Whatever Happened to the 12 days of Christmas?

I love looking at Christmas lights. But I DON’T love to chew on them. Apparently though, not everyone shares my preferences. (“Wait!” You are thinking. “Hold on now, Leya. Why are you writing a Christmas post now? It’s January for crying out loud! Aren’t you a little late?” Well no. Actually I’m not. But we’ll …….Read More

Project Update – NaNoWriMo Aftermath

Aftermath. Yep. That’s the word. Like when some life-altering cataclysm hits, and you wake up lying in the dirt, blinking numbly around at the altered landscape and wondering what just happened. That’s how it felt to wobble up out of my writing cave once December finally arrived. I know it’s been an outrageously long time …….Read More